11:00 AM11:00

Sketchy Bitches: Show, Swap, Sketch!

Sketchy Bitches

Join us for an all-day sketchfest to celebrate the end of a sketchtacular year of Sketchy Bitches! 

  • End of year show: Bring your sketchbook and favourite work from 2018 ready to show and tell us all! 

  • Style-swapping: Swap your 'best bits' and take it turn to draw each other's work - either #drawitinyourstyle or attempt to 'steal'/recreate theirs! 

  • New Year Goals: Set yourself some goals for 2019 - and then SKETCH them! Create a colourful illustration to pin up on your wall and inspire you all year round.  

  • Group Party Portraits: We'll take it in turns to pose and draw each other in 2 groups - party hats optional! 

Early booking essential - only 15 spots available! There are now over 1700 Sketchy Bitches on Meetup and our events sell out fast.  

All materials, coffee/tea and cake provided, but feel free to bring your favourite drawing tools and any leftover Christmas sweets! BYO lunch or head next door to the Gallery Cafe. 


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11:00 AM11:00

Sketchy Bitches Sketchmas Special

Sketchy Bitches Sketchmas Special 500x500.jpg

It's the last Sketchy Bitches meetup before Christmas, so in the spirit of over-indulgence we're going BIG and having an all-day sketchfest!

NB: Advance booking is essential as there are only 15 spots and they get snapped up fast.  You'll get £5 off your ticket if you get in there early!

In the morning:

1) We'll get the party started with some creative games and create another giant piece of collaborative art - because it's so much flippin' fun!

2) Sweet-ART! Bring your favourite sweet or chocolate bar to add to the Ultimate Sketchy Bitches Selection Box! We’ll take it in turns to draw each one and then pass it on, until we’ve all created a unique A3 illustration of the same selection of sweets.

3) We'll then create some fun little hand-drawn 'token gestures' to give as gifts to friends and loved ones this Christmas. 

 Come make some fun custom vouchers and gifts!

Come make some fun custom vouchers and gifts!

Lunchtime:  BYO or head next door to get some gorgeous vegan grub at the Gallery Cafe.

In the afternoon: Christmas is all about the classics, so we'll return to the familiar format of our regular meetups and take it in turn to pose whilst others draw us on 'Sketchy Bitchness cards'! We're going to throw in a little festive twist though: PARTY PROPS & HEADGEAR! Bring your own our choose something from our selection.

All materials, tea, coffee and cake also provided, but REMEMBER TO WEAR SOMETHING SPECTACULAR ON YOUR HEAD! :)


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2:00 PM14:00

Sketchy Bitches: Dress up & draw!

Sketchy Bitches Sketchmas Special 500x500.jpg

Join the Sketchy Bitches for an afternoon of portraiture and posing with a twist!

This special session will run just like our regular monthly ‘sketchworking’ events (drawing mini portraits) but we’re encouraging participants to bring along some spectacular headgear or props to pose with, to give the group an extra creative challenge!  

Materials, tea, coffee and cake provided, but BYO favourite pens, coloured pencils etc. if you prefer!

NB: Advance booking essential - no tickets available on the day.


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7:30 PM19:30

The Social Sketchup Christmas Party

 Gorgeous Cocktails by Sarah Fox!

Gorgeous Cocktails by Sarah Fox!

Join us for an arty party at the last Social Sketchup of 2018! 

Expect a night of fun and easy drawing challenges designed to unleash your inner artist and leave you in sparkling creative spirits this party season! 

You'll get to sample a selection of the activities featured in issue 1 of Sketch Appeal magazine, including:  

  • Cocktail O Clock! Design a new cocktail menu for Drink Shop & Do (or your own fantasy bar!)

  • Neck it! Make a cute party pendant out of paper

  • Playtime: Take a trip down memory lane and draw some of your favourite Christmas toys, gifts and games

  • Guilty Treasures: Design a brand-new cover for your favourite Christmas tune

  • Sweeties Darling! Draw the sweet jar of your dreams

We'll also be doing lots of the usual speed-portrait drawing to warm up, and there'll be chance to win an ACE prize in our "Get your puns out!" card design competition!  

 Reckon you can beat this best-selling card design from Jelly Armchair (as seen in issue 1 of our mag!)? Come GET YER PUNS OUT & PROVE IT!

Reckon you can beat this best-selling card design from Jelly Armchair (as seen in issue 1 of our mag!)? Come GET YER PUNS OUT & PROVE IT!

All materials will be provided and there'll be FREE CAKE FOR ALL: so grab a ticket and let's Christmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!  

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2:00 PM14:00

Sketchy Bitches Monthly

Sketchy Bitches Logo RGB.jpg

Join the Sketchy Bitches for an afternoon of ‘sketchworking’ in our brand-new home, The Create Place!

We’ll be doing ‘the usual’: taking it in turns to pose and draw each other’s portraits on little business cards, eating sugar, drinking coffee and talking about how awesome drawing is!

Materials will be available but please BYO so we can all check out each other’s favourite pens! Tea, coffee and biscuits provided too.

Spaces are limited to 15 so advance booking essential. 

Book at least 1 week in advance and get £2 off your ticket!

Check out loads of pics from previous meetups in our gallery! 

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7:30 PM19:30

Groove Is In The Art! Launch party


Groove is in the ART!! 

We love drawing and dancing to cheesy 90s pop: so what better way to celebrate the launch of Sketch Appeal magazine than with our first ever drawing disco!

Part structured workshop, part rainbow rave: expect a fun and informal night of drawing, dancing and drawing whilst dancing! 

Part 1: We'll (sit down) and work through a series of fun disco-inspired drawing challenges, including some tasters from the mag: 

  • Draw your favourite cheesy album/single cover  

  • Do some power drawing to power ballads: attempt to draw 50 pop stars in 15 minutes! 

  • DIY photoprops

  • Draw to the beat of songs 

  • Play collaborative games  

Part 2: Our fabulous friends from Art Model Collective, Carla and Manko, will arrive: decked out as groovy disco girls and ready to pose for us in 2 x 30 minute slots. 

Part 3: To round-off the night, we'll line the dance floor with easels ready to dance and draw our way around each canvas until the small hours! 

The whole thing will be set to a super-cheesy soundtrack featuring plenty of 90s pop, including our 'signature songs': I'm Too Sketchy, Sketchbomb and, of course, Groove Is In The Art!

Tickets include all materials, free sketchbooks and a goody bag inc. a £5 voucher to spend at GreatArt.  

Limited space/tickets available so advance booking essential !

Image by Judy Andrews @spoonfulsugarco 

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11:00 AM11:00

Sketchy Bitches INKTOBERFEST

Sketchy Bitches Inktoberfest.jpg

Join the Sketchy Bitches for a full-day inkfest at The Create Place! 

We'll spend the morning getting warmed up and working on a variety of short inking challenges, producing everything from portraits and fashion illustrations, to Sketchy Witches inspired by master of ink, Sir Quentin Blake!  We'll also work on some collaborative pieces and together will face that greatest of artist's fears: DRAWING HANDS!! 

In the afternoon we'll work on at least one large (A2) illustration on a theme of our choice, so get your inking caps on and bring any reference materials you need to.  We've got lots of ideas if you get stuck for one!  

By the end of the workshop, the aim is that you'll have produced at least 50 pieces of work, gained confidence in your inking skills and made some fab new friends along the way!

  • Included in the price of your ticket: All materials, an A4 sketchbook and a pot of black ink to take away with you at the end, along with an unlimited supply of soft drinks and sketchy biscuits! 

  • Not included: Lunch! You can bring your own and stay at The Create Place, or head next door for a vegan/veggie lunch at The Gallery Cafe.  

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7:00 PM19:00

The Social Sketchup: Games Night

Social Sketchup GAMES NIGHT.jpg

The Social Sketchup is all about creative play, so it’s high time we had a games night! And where better to do it than at London’s legendary board game café, Draughts!

Come join the fun and play your way through a series of easy drawing challenges, including:

  • Collaborative group games: Guess Who I Drew, Exquisite Corpse and team Pictionary

  • Crappy Families card design

  • A Ready Steady Sketch speed-drawing challenge

  • Draw-Your-Own Pairs game

The biggest challenge of the night will be to create an illustrated ’best of’ board, featuring one or all of your favourite games. You could draw the box, the pieces, the characters, the money…whatever you fancy you can make your own rules! And obviously there’ll be plenty of inspiration and reference materials to draw from at Draughts!

As well as creating a stack of artwork that will make you smile every time you look at it, the aim of the Sketchup game is to leave you on a high: buzzing with happy hormones and creative confidence, feeling pluckier than a bucking Buckaroo! #WINNING! 

Activities are suitable for all levels and all materials provided courtesy of Great Art. 

Illustration created by the amazing Sophie Heywood

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5:30 PM17:30

Issue 1 Launch Party @ Great Art

Great Art 7.jpg

Join us for a drop-in drawing workshop to celebrate our partnership with GreatArt and the launch of issue 1 of Sketch Appeal Magazine!

Come along and you’ll get to try your hand at some of the activities from the mag, including:

·        Draw your own selfie necklace

·        Make a sketchy photoprop

·        Create a piece of balloon art

·        Complete a Mastersketch Invention test!

You’ll also be able to pick up of copy of the mag and scoff on FREE PIZZA from Pizza Pilgrims! YAY!!

Pizza Pilgrims.jpg

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A Spooktacular Social Sketchup
7:00 PM19:00

A Spooktacular Social Sketchup

Come channel your creative spirit at this spooktacular edition of The Social Sketchup!

We'll be working primarily with black ink, so you might want to goth up and wear black for the occasion! 

Over the course of the night we'll sink our fangs into a series of fun and creepy challenges suitable for all levels:

  • Give your fellow sketchmates a monstrous makeover (on paper!) 

  • Draw the ultimate haircut of horrors 

  • Confront every artist's greatest fear - HANDS! 

  • Draw some giant creepy peepers inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound

  • Attempt to draw 50 freaky faces in 15 minutes 

  • Draw it in your style - and theirs! Experiment with drawing in the style of Tim Burton and Quentin Blake- both masters of ink!

  • Play with scale: draw a mini monster - and a massive one!  

You'll also get to work on one final large-scale piece of your choice, which could be: a poster for one of your favourite horror films, a haunted house, a hallway of horrors, a giant jar full of tricks and treats... you get the idea!

With that monster list of things to draw, by the end of the night  we'll have produced enough work to fill an art GHOULLERY! 

NB: Spaces are limited so early booking is advised.  

All materials are provided and our events are supported by GreatArt. YAY! 

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7:00 PM19:00

The Social Sketchup: Roald Dahl Day Delights!

Untitled_Artwork (1).jpg

On the eve of Roald Dahl Day 2018: come get WONKA-D with us at Drink Shop & Do!

Expect a fast-paced night of whizzpopping creative fun, with lots of easy and experimental drawing activities suitable for all levels - from Matilda-esque maestros to total Twits!

Subject to time, we will be:

  • Drawing each other, Quentin-Blake style!
  • Creating a set of postcards featuring your favourite books, characters and words
  • Designing a scrumptious new chocolate bar
  • Inventing a revolting recipe, or whizzing up a brand-new blend of marvellous medicine
  • Experimenting with ink to create an A3 map of ‘Vitches of Inkland’
  • Working collaboratively to create some Twits with a twist!

It’ll be playful and informal affair, so if you want to work on certa in tasks for longer and skip others then you’re welcome to.   It’s your night and the most important thing is that you find your creative flow and experience the joy of sketch!

Tickets include all materials, free sketchbooks and a FREE BAR OF CHOCOLATE! 

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