Sketchy Bitches IWD Special: Saturday 9th March 2019

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, we staged our biggest Sketchy Bitches event yet - and what a celebration of creativity, community and #WOMANPOWER it was!

The venue! The talks! The people! The brownies!!

Words can’t recreate the creative joy, energy and love in the room, so we’ll let these pictures do the talking...

To everyone who came, thank you for making it such a magical, memorable day!



The Venue: Huckletree West

(Happy to discover that the toilets matched the first issue of our mag!)

The panel


The day began with an informal panel discussion hosted by Sketch Appeal Founder Dulcimer Draws, featuring:

Sue Dray: Legendary Fashion Artist and former Course Leader @UAL

Sarah Fox: The woman behind @TinyVictorieszine and Creative Associate @ Sketch Appeal

Diana Muendo: Co-founder of M.Y.O. - London’s first ever art gym!

Manko Sebastian and Carla Tofano: Co-founders of Art Model Collective

Together, we shared personal accounts of creative awakening and empowerment: all unique, but all testimony to the power of everyday creativity and the positive impact it can our lives.

Carla told us how she turned from high-flying journalist to life model when she moved to the UK, and why she’s not looked back since. Sarah told us why she started drawing and how it provided a gateway back into a more conscious life whilst in recovery from an eating disorder. Accountant turned Creative Entrepreneur Diana told us how she came to set up London’s first ever art gym, and why she believes EVERYONE IS CREATIVE! Manko spoke boldly about the origins of Art Model Collective, and Sue shared so many fab insights, anecdotes and tips that we feel the need to write a book!!

It was such a candid, insightful and inspiring discussion - snippets from which our mate Cat captured in these brilliant live scribes! Such a beautiful way to record of such a special moment of creative communion… thank you Cat!


A quick sketchalong to the beat of a song was the perfect way to re-energise and get our creativity grooving after the panel! We’ll leave you to guess the song from the sketches and (not so) cryptic title… :)

Sue’s workshop

Drawing disco over, Sue powered us all up with a dynamic fashion sketching workshop that gave us a real taste of her experimental style and a surge of confidence and ideas! We even got to experience what it’s like to draw live from the FROW, as Carla and Manko strutted their stuff around the Huckletree stage: working every little bit of those badass boilersuits from Lucy & Yak!

It was such a treat for us to have an expert like Sue in the house and the session was positively packed with creative tips and inspiration. Thanks so much Sue - you were ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!


After a quick lunch break, it was time for our biggest portrait session yet! We split into two groups to make sure everyone had a chance to pose, but not before the lucky Jessica caught the Haribo and got to be sketched by the whole crowd!

WINNING!!  Jessica got to take home a supersized stack of Sketchy Bitchness cards after catching the winning Haribo! (Surely how all prize draws should be made!)

WINNING!! Jessica got to take home a supersized stack of Sketchy Bitchness cards after catching the winning Haribo! (Surely how all prize draws should be made!)

And guess who drew everyone as avocado people!! Any excuse to promote your new book hey Cat… ;)

You’ve Guac To Be Joking” - BUY IT NOW!!

And then at last, the REAL stars of the show arrived… The BROWNIES!!!

These amazing custom bakes from Sugar Tits were THE TITS!! Just the sugar rush we needed after all that sketching!

And finally, a few random fun pics that don’t fit anywhere else!

Huge thanks to Kieran and Bryony @ Huckletree, Danielle at Sugar Tits, Lucy & Yak and to Louise at GreatArt for generously providing supplies and £5 vouchers for everyone who came!

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