Social Sketchups


Open to all levels of (in)experience, our themed social sketching events are informal, interactive and FUN!

Whatever the theme, the night always begins with a round of speed portrait-sketching to warm-up: because quite frankly, nothing breaks the ice quite like it!

Then it’s onto the main event: a series of short and easy drawing challenges followed by a longer ‘showstopper challenge’, which depending on the theme, could be anything from making a zine to creating an A3 ink illustration!

We tend to work with pens, coloured pencils, paint markers and felt tip pens, as we’ve found they really help people to channel their inner child and unleash the artist within! With these trusty tools in hand, the scary blank page becomes a portal back to our childhood and you’re soon sketching away without a care in the world… just like you did as a kid!

Whether you arrive stressed out from work, nervous AF about drawing or excited to get drawing: we guarantee you’ll leave feeling more confident in your creativity and with a smile on your face!


What you’ll learn = NOTHING!

Our events don’t explore the technicalities of drawing - they celebrate the JOY of it!

They are social opportunities to re-connect with your creative side, experience mindfulness and feel the mood-boosting benefits of getting some ‘sketchercise’! We don’t teach people how to ‘get good at drawing’: we just encourage you to have fun and make a habit of doing it more often in daily life. One thing you’re guaranteed to learn however, is that you’re way more creative than you think!


Who they’re for = EVERYONE!

From Designers to Data Analysts, we meet people from all walks of life: many of whom tell us they haven’t drawn since Primary school and “can’t draw for shit”! 3 hours of later however, you can guarantee that we’ve proved them wrong and they leave looking pleased as punch with the stack of fab artwork they’ve just created!


“the social sketchup is what drawing should be: accessible, supportive and FUN!

Emma Warfield - a familiar face at our events!


“I met new friends & left with a fire in my belly to continue drawing in everyday life.”

Katy Rayner - another regular face!


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