Team Sketchups

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Boost your team’s PLAYING skills with a Social Sketchup!

Our Team Sketchups are lively and uplifting experiences designed to bring colleagues together to explore, express and share their creativity.

They unite people from all disciplines and levels of creative experience: including those who think they "can't draw”! Whether you're in Hospitality or Healthcare, Digital or Design: we believe EVERYONE CAN DRAW and benefit from of a dose of Sketchup! 

Fees start from £275 for a team of up to 15 people.
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Check out what the team at Divine Chocolate smashed out at their Team Sketchup!!




The Social Sketchup:

Gives people confidence to express and embrace their creativity

 Liberates and quietens the mind through active meditation of drawing

Brings people together to connect and communicate in new ways, via observation, self-expression and collaboration

 Sparks creative conversations and ideas

Leaves people buzzing with endorphins and the joy of SKETCH!


Feel the fear and draw it anyway!!

Armed with ideas, pencils and paper, we lure people out of their comfort zones and into the CREATIVE PLAY ZONE!

The focus of our Social Sketchups is on the creative process rather than the end results - which makes it a refreshing change from working life! There is no 'right' way to draw - so there should be no fear of getting it 'wrong'!

These are informal, non-competitive experiences full of fun and easy activities suitable for ALL levels. We’ll get you drawing with your right hand, with your left hand, with your eyes closed… all of which takes the pressure off and switches your inner artist ON!

There are no team leaders or winners at Sketchup - and there are certainly NO RULES!


“Play is the highest form of research”

-Albert Einstein


What to expect

A typical Sketchup lasts 2 hours, but can be timed to suit your needs.

All Sketchups start with a round of interactive warm-up challenges, similar to those we set at our public workshops. This usually includes experimental portraiture, collaborative games, dance-drawing and speed-sketching!

After this, you can choose from the following options:


Option 1: Zine-making


Working individually, you’ll create a mini 8 page zine that shows and tells others fun facts about you that they might not know.

It could be your (abridged!) life story, a visual CV featuring the first, worst and best bits of your career, or just a fun zine about something/s you love!

Alternatively, we could challenge your team to create zines themed around your business or products.

Option 2: Sketchworking


Everyone takes a turn to play Artist's Model and pose for the group to draw - and gets a stack of sketchy new business cards at the end!

Sitters also get to play Art Director and decide whether they'd like a set of regular (dominant hand) or experimental (non-dominant) portraits! They also get to pick the songs that play out as they pose, which can make for an eclectic soundtrack!



Option 3: General or Bespoke


If you'd just prefer a fun and interactive session full of short challenges and collaborative group work, then we'll deliver a classic Social Sketchup, featuring some of our favourite activities!

We can keep it general, or customise the challenges around your brand, products or specific skill you're looking to develop - e.g. leadership or self-esteem.

We LOVE coming up with new ideas around a set theme, so get in touch if you'd like to see your business - and your team - come to life in new ways!



Contact us to discuss your needs, dates and rates for your Sketchup delivery!

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“a unique de-stressing experience”

“brilliant! not the usual forced fun!”

“a really unique way of bonding - loved it!”

“highly recommend it! you forget about the stresses of the day and just have a laugh!”

“we always do something competitive so it was nice just to have fun!”

“so different and unique: I’ve never done anything like this before and it was GREAT!”

Some lovely feedback from a Sketchup we ran for Lee Hecht Harrison Penna