What better way to kick-start our 2019 events programme than with the return of our biggest hit of last year!

Our first Wes Anderson night, back in May 2018, was a sellout success and loads of fun to run: so, after lots of requests, how could we resist?!

We were thrilled to welcome back Bec, Emma and Sophie, who all came to last year’s event and were excited to get their sketch on once again! And luckily for them, we’d whipped up a brand-new mix of activities - so there was chance of them getting bored - and/or complacent! :)

Before getting started on the themed activities, we warmed up in the usual way: drawing each other with our left hand, our right hand, our eyes closed and - for the first time thanks to inspo from Sophie - upside down!!

We didn’t get many pics this time around, but here’s the best of the bunch!

Until next time…

We ended up with ZERO time to design a new cocktail menu for Hotel Budapest, so we’ll bank that challenge for our next Wesfest!