Our Mission

Sketch Appeal is a Community Interest Company (CIC) on a mission to ignite creativity and celebrate the joy of SKETCH!

Through our magazine, events and online community, we aim to inspire and empower people with ideas, tools and opportunities to get creative – and GET HAPPY!

We’re here to promote ART FOR ALL and believe that EVERYONE CAN DRAW and enjoy the mood-boosting, mind-growing benefits of doing it more!

We’re not here to help you master techniques or “get good at art”: our aim is simply to encourage you to embrace your creativity, experiment and play with new ideas, and to set your inner child freeeeeeeeee!

Our Vision

Our approach to drawing may be playful, but we are women on a serious mission!

We’re here to make an impact and drive cultural change in the way drawing is perceived, accessed and experienced by society.

We believe getting regular sketchercise and creative workouts is as important to our health and wellbeing as physical exercise is, and we’re here to make drawing as popular and mainstream as yoga!

We’re working towards a future where there’s a Sketchclub in every town and city: an accessible creative place where people go to disconnect from digital life and connect with their creativity and community.



Our Core Aims

Celebrating #womenwithpencils


We’re passionate about uniting and empowering women through creativity. As well as running regular Sketchy Bitches sketchworking events, our printed magazine is dedicated to profiling and championing the work of female artists, illustrators and creative practitioners from all over the world.

Building Communities & Connections


Drawing helps us to connect, with the self and with others. Through our events and social media, we proactively ignite social connections and nurture the creative community. We also deliver unique team-building experiences designed to strengthen communication, build empathy, ignite creative-thinking and boost wellbeing in the workplace and beyond.

Igniting everyday creativity


Promoting everyday creativity is at the heart of everything we do.  Carry a sketchbook, doodle at work, draw to unwind before bedtime, go to social sketching events…: whatever you can manage, just get some SKETCHERCISE!  Develop a regular sketch habit and we guarantee you will get better at LIFE!

Boosting Mental Health & Resilience


Sketch Appeal was born out of a personal mental health crisis and story that is testimony to the way everyday creativity can transform lives. We believe drawing is one of the most accessible forms of mindfulness out there and a fantastic tool for self-care and stress management: one that stands to play a powerful role in boosting the world’s mental health.

Our People  

Our Friends


Sue Dray

We’ve admired Sue’s experimental and playful approach to drawing for a long time, so we’re thrilled that she’s a big ART-vocate of our work!

Former course leader at UAL, Sue is a legend in the fashion illustration world whose work has inspired many a great artist’s career. When she’s not sketching live from the FROW at London Fashion Week, Sue consults, creates and guest tutors at Universities, colleges and events - including ours!

Like us, Sue’s a compulsive sketcher and is passionate about promoting art for wellbeing:

“Sketch Appeal represents everything art and drawing should be: it’s accessible, energising and empowering. Their launch event reminded me that we all need to draw more: because it’s liberating, meditative and it’s bloody good FUN!”


Great Art

Shoreditch-based art store Great Art supply materials for our events, stock our magazine and have been huge supporters of our work from day one.

Despite being ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE and stocking over 50,000 art supplies, Great Art is very much a family-owned business which has been running from its German HQ for over 50 years. Their first customers were therapy centres which used art in all its forms to improve the quality of life for those with disabilities, and they’ve continued to support organisations dedicated to art for wellbeing ever since.

Thank you Great Art - you are GREAT!

Our Community

The most important thing ‘ABOUT US’, the driving force in our mission, is YOU!

We're doing this for all of the awesome people who come to our events, read our magazine and are part of our online & IRL community. It’s their creativity, support and kindness that drives and inspires us to continue on our mission: which, though exciting, can at times feel a little overwhelming.

If you’re part of it - THANK YOU!

And if you’re not…come join the fun!


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